Social Networking Has Turned People Into Fools

Ever since I moved away from BlackBerry Messenger (on a full-time basis… had to add this before I see some cuss words from some of wunna heathens), I’ve become less attached to messaging mediums other than Twitter. I don’t really miss BBM anymore, I don’t check Facebook Messages and I think other instant messaging mediums are pretty much garbage and have deleted from my phone. (eg. Live Profile, WhatsApp, Hookt, iMessage, etc.)

Last week, my cousin asked me to download Hookt as I’ve been hearing about it and been receiving annoying messages about this and that person using the piece of shit. So I downloaded the program. I look at my list, in addition to seeing a bunch of fuckers I don’t know on my list, I have coons I haven’t talked to in donkey years messaging me about how I don’t talk to them. So let me get this straight… you have my number and email, but yet you want to bring talks about “how I don’t talk to them???” What is the fucking point in that??? How about you do me a favour and go fuck yourself. Why don’t you call me and say that or send it in a text message??? It took for me to download Hookt for you to deliver that message. Social Networking has turned people into zombies and have taken away proper communication skills. Mind you, I’m not really trying to imply that sending a text message is an effective way of communication but you can easily call a brother and address your issue. The fact that you lack tact and resort to this method of contact just makes me have even less respect for your bamma asses.

People are becoming less sociable in person because they’re too busy living in their fantasy social world and it’s a damn shame. You motherfuckers need to get it together.

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