Dirtsman of the Week, Doug Christie

I rated Doug Christie as a player, was very good defensively and very versatile. The fact that his wife had his balls in her Coach bag made me lose respect for him. He’s not allowed to go out, he has to call her every time he leaves the team hotel. The rumoured porno they’re making. But this shit right here though… EXPLAIN THIS DOUG!!! EXPLAIN THE GUCCI DOG COLLAR, DOUG!!! EXPLAIN THE JAMAICAN TANK TOP, DOUG!!! You have this bamma trying to be the light-skinned Louie Rankin (Teddy Brukshut’s real name), too bad you can’t get a shot of the shoes he has on… probably some square-front alligators. But having no balls, it wouldn’t surprise me if he had on some thong-styled slippers. You know what… I can’t right now. I give you, your dirtsman of the week.

Straight Coonin'

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