Dirtsman of the Week… Two-for-one Special!!!

A lot of bullshit happened this week. It’s stuff we gotta deal with everyday, such is life. Getting caught up on the follies of idiots around the world, there’s plenty I can pick out. I have two that stand out. That’s a lie, but we’ll keep it to two.

First up, whoever this guy is… makes Vlade Divac look like a Saint. This is has to be the worst flop I have ever seen in my life, regardless of sport. Shit like this is the main reason why I can’t stand sports. People faking injuries. If you’re going to fake an injury, don’t make it so blatantly obvious. You sir, are an assclown.

Second, and absolutely deserving of a beatdown of biblical proportions is this assclown we know as Geraldo Rivera, who wrote on Twitter, “His hoodie killed Trayvon Martin as surely as George Zimmerman.” You have got to be fucking kidding me. A kid is dead because he decided to wear a hooded sweater??? Since when is a “hoodie” considered an illegal garment??? I would like to know. A kid in a hooded sweater walking down the street with iced tea and skittles in his hand does not need to be approached by some Casey Jones wannabe because they want to know where he’s going. That is none of his damn business. I can go on about this but I can’t. Geraldo is straight up dirt, a true dirtsman. The comment I quoted him saying is actually in the video link below.

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