Stop the Madness

We all know the 2011-12 Kentucky Wildcats are good, damn good at that. They have four players in their starting lineup that we can classify as first-round material, if not the top 15 players in the draft. With that being said, the basketball world is slowly being turned onto a real “fucked up” axis right now. If Kentucky wins, future recruits will stick to powerhouses as they know they can put in their one year with a chance to win it all and bounce. Kentucky has been doing it since the Mafioso weasel Calipari showed up.

With kids going for their mandatory one-year sentence, the quality of College Basketball will decrease because will not get the experience they need playing together and will obviously lack cohesion of teams past. Most of these kids leaving early will not have success in the NBA either. They have talent, but their game will still need polishing and they won’t get the nurturing needed to necessarily help them succeed.

The last thing these kids need is actual proof the system is successful forcing them to forfeit their education for the most part. I’m pretty sure Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist are declaring for the NBA as of Wednesday. If Kentucky wins, say goodbye to the College game as it will become watching a cheap-ass Atlanta Hawks-Charlotte Bobcats scrimmage. With that being said, GO LOUISVILLE or Kansas for that matter.

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One thought on “Stop the Madness

  1. Nigel aka the GHOAT Greatest hater of all TIme says:

    Well i do have to agree why you think Bob Knight cant stand his ass the Wildcat Coach is what wrong with the NBA but u know do know who is hook up with with CAA talk to Lebron and Wade even Drake there are all part of that system just ask Payton Manning that sellout with that company too what these Big league need to do and show this group they don’t run shit. Everything the great one had set up for the younger generation is being torn down by these Mud monkeys

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