Meal of Choice

I want to know the connection. Black people and fried chicken. The two are pretty much joined at the hip. Yes, I know Filipinos love fried chicken as well but we will focus on the black folks for now. I’ve moved a total of five times, including the occurrences when I went away to Windsor for school. I’ve also helped my friends and family move. The one common denominator about moving for black folks is the meal of choice. Fried chicken. Especially fried chicken from KFC (formerly Kentucky Fried Chicken). I don’t get it. Is it because it’s easier to feed big groups??? Is it the grease??? Is it the gravy and the other sides you get with it??? What is it about moving that make black people crave KFC. I do not see any relation. The only relation I see are a bunch of relatives and bamma-ass friends picking chicken grease out between their teeth.

Not much to add on to this post. If y’all figured it out, let me know.

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