Free At Last

A few of y’all have heard, but all should know. Brian Banks is a free man. Brian is a man who was falsely accused of raping a classmate as a sixteen year-old. A sixteen year-old, who had already verbally agreed to a football scholarship at USC. Dude obviously had plans, until one day, a vengeful skank lied about him raping her. He was either forced to stand trial and possibly serve 41 years to life or accept a plea deal. As a young black man in the state of California, you don’t have much choice. He took the plea deal and sentenced to serve ten years.

Banks, released after five years, put on parole and forced to wear an ankle bracelet as a registered sex offender. Banks’ luck changed when the accuser sent him a friend invite on Facebook, requesting to let “bygones be bygones”. The two met up and she admitted to lying and making up the whole story. A story which is even more ridiculous since the State Prosecutor found no DNA evidence when they wanted to take him to trial, just a case of “he said, she said”, might I also throw in the fact that the two never did have sex with each other. Either way, after admitting that she lied, she stated she “will not help him clear his name as her family would have to give back the $1.5 million dollar cash settlement they received from the School board.”

Luckily, this was videotaped, as shown below in the video below. The case was heard and quickly dismissed. I am so happy Banks’ is out of jail and hopefully somebody gives this kid a chance, if not in the NFL, at least somewhere else.

As for the no good bitch, scum of the Earth that put this man through hell for the last ten agonizing years… I have nothing to say other than I hope she goes to jail. Lying about something so heinous is lower than low. No man deserves this shit. Rape is a serious thing. Once you’re accused, your life changes forever. It doesn’t matter if you’re guilty or innocent, most outsiders see you in a different light. Hopefully, people will look at him as a good individual and not look down on him.

God Bless Brian Banks.

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