Raptors fans make the best GM’s…

Every year, it seems the Raptors find a way to fuck up the draft. It wasn’t always like this. The Raptors did draft Stoudamire, McGrady, Carter, Bosh and Camby. But as of the last few years, they haven’t done so well. Some would argue that Colangelo is looking at European players too much. Some would argue that he’s looking at the PAC-10 too much, some would state he just has his head up his ass.

I will admit, the choice of Terrence Ross was a shocker, my cousin was about to drive over to Pearson to welcome Austin Rivers to Toronto, only to find out Ross was chosen. Now, poor Joel is on suicide watch.

The reason why I’m making mention of this post is this. Just because you don’t agree with the pick, does not mean the pick sucks. Face it, being in the East, we usually watch action from the ACC, Big East and Big 10 Conferences. Because Ross played out in Washington, does not mean he can’t ball. I know y’all bammas playing General Managers from your couch are the same ones who thought back in ’95 that the Raptors were dumb for taking Stoudamire over Ed O’Bannon. We know how that one panned out.

Shoutout to Colangelo for the Quincy Acy pick in the second round. For the record though, the Raptors still suck. I have the Raptors winning 25 this season, how much y’all think???

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