NFL Week 2 Recap

Needless to say this past weekend produced quite a few shockers. I’m actually happy I didn’t make it to the store before 1PM to play my tickets because I would’ve lost… badly.

Chicago 10, Green Bay 23

Both offenses looked horrible in the early going as it was slugfest. Green Bay did do a lot more to win this game. Clay Matthews is a monster. Chicago’s o-line is straight up dirt. As for Jay Cutler, the dude is a bum!!! A BUM I TELL YA!!!

Tampa Bay 34, NY Giants 41

This game disgusts me, I’m sure it’s NOT for the same reason as many of you would think. I’m shocked that Tampa Bay folded like fresh paratha in the fourth quarter. Eli has ice in his veins though and he is clutch.

I will say this, as much as people feel the move of the Tampa defense was “bush league” or dirty. It was neither. The last time I checked, a kneel down is still a play. Players are told to play for sixty minutes, play until the whistle. I like what Schiano did. What was to happen if a team was to do a “kneel down” and the ball is fumbled from the snap, then what??? This is why you don’t give up. Unwritten rule my fucking ass.

Oakland 13, Miami 35

Who cares. NEXT!!!

Cleveland 27, Cincinnati 34

The Browns have the unlucky feat of being in the same division as Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Cincy right now. Trent Richardson can ball. They’re going to need some time… and a lot of luck.

Houston 27, Jacksonville 7

Who needs Mario Williams??? Houston’s defense is on point right now.

Kansas City 17, Buffalo 35

The Chiefs are already looking forward to next year’s draft. As for the Bills, can the real Buffalo Bills please stand up??? They look like a handful when they can score. Yeah right, this is Kansas City bruh.

Baltimore 23, Philadelphia 24

Philly came out flat again and still won. Joe Flacco, you sir are DIRT!!! As for Vick, he’s not going to last the season at this pace. People are hitting up like a pinata.

New Orleans 27, Carolina 35

Saints are 0-2??? WHO DAT???

Arizona 20, New England 18

Shocker of the day. Ruined my ticket… if I had played one. I think the shocker is Gostkowski missing. Oh well. Fuck New England.

Minnesota 20, Indianapolis 23

Andrew Luck… yawn.

Washington 28, St. Louis 31

Deadskin nation has Josh Morgan to thank for this loss. Well… there’s other reasons. I think the bigger loss is Carriker and Orakpo for the season. OUCH!!!

Dallas 7, Seattle 27

Felix “ham hock” Jones needs to shape up or get shipped out. Dallas came out flatter than the chest of a girl who just started puberty. Seattle did bring the hammer, they’re tough at home but damn. Who saw this???

NY Jets 10, Pittsburgh 27

New York Jets are now 1-8 all-time in Pittsburgh. A damn shame. I guess people are calling for Teblow again huh???

Tennessee 10, San Diego 38

It’s going to be a long season for the Titans. As for Chris Johnson, he basically robbed Tennessee, after that extension he signed, he hasn’t done a fucking thing.

Detroit 19, San Francisco 27

I’m worried about Megatron not catching a touchdown pass yet this season. #MaddenCurse

The 49ers is impressing everybody… with their offense.

Denver 21, Atlanta 27

Atlanta came out on fire in the first half and basically held on for the win in fetal position.

A wild and wacky week 2. I need to get a better read on these schizophrenic teams before I throw down some more bets.


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