Happy Thanksgiving

All yuh don’t get too excited. Notice how I wish everyone a happy thanksgiving on the ACTUAL DAY!!!

A lot of folks have what I call “Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner”, they celebrate Thanksgiving on Sunday, not the actual day, which is Monday. A few people were irked that I call it pre-Thanksgiving dinner. My argument of course, is that it’s not on the Monday. I was asked if my family celebrates it on the Monday, I replied “Yes.” I was told, “Well that’s stupid.”, so I asked “do you have Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve?”, she replied, “No, that’s stupid.” I told her, “think about what you just said, and let it simmer.”

The point of this is not to change when you folks have your Thanksgiving dinner, but to acknowledge things on the day it was meant to be acknowledged. I don’t want to be told Happy Birthday, the day before my Birthday just like I don’t want to be told Merry Christmas on the 23rd, when we all know Christmas is on the 25th. It doesn’t make sense.

I have a few more posts in me today while I’m getting paid pretty nicely to do nothing on this man-made holiday. Happy Thanksgiving.

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