Phone Etiquette… Again

It’s pretty difficult keeping up with people you don’t speak with often and if you’re like me.  You’ll delete a few people you don’t speak to in ages, especially if you’re not close with them.

It turns out one of the jive turkeys I deleted, decided to send me a text message the other day.  My natural response from someone who says “hello” is, “Hello. Who is this?”, the fuckhead responds with “nvm”.  Oh. Ok.

Because I ask who is it, you want to send me a “never mind” acronym??? Well fuck you then!!! Cuz I ain’t guessing.  I haven’t spoken to your ass in like a  year and you wanna roll thru like “Jack-In-the-Box”, and I’m going to be waitin’ an sheeeeit??? Nah black.  I don’t move in such ways.  I know the person can see this message, and only because I’m at work, I won’t screen capture and send the message on their bum ass.  But yeah if you don’t talk to someone often, don’t get offended when they don’t have your number anymore.  That memory space can be put to better use.

Better yet, if I ask you a question, don’t say “never mind” or “nvm”, because I will type back the first expletive that comes to mind.  You’ve been warned.

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