2013 State of the Union Address

I don’t believe in resolutions. People can change when they decide to make change and do not need to wait for January 1st of (enter year here) to make that change. 

If one is serious about change, one needs to look in the mirror and change their attitude and outlook. Be the change you seek.  Enough of that shit though.  Happy New Year to all you fuckers.  Hope everyone makes a change for the better, not because it’s a new year, but because it’s something they want.

One thing about me that will not change, is the jerk that I am, at times.  For those who sent me drunk texts wishing me a happy a new year, or doing the good ol’ “copy and paste” technique, your texts have been ignored.  Regardless of the message.  As for those of you who sent messages and I have no idea what the number is??? LOL

Good day. 


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