Weekend of the Summer

Caribana weekend usually happens to be the weekend of the summer for a lot of bammas out there.

Whether they putting on fake accents, renting cars they will never own or spending their baby bonus/child support to buy bottles in the club, you gotta admit… these folks clearly make it count. Y’all gotta witness this shit. As my boy Jay Martin would say, “this shit writes itself.”

Normally, I’d be preparing for tomorrow morning, thinking of what alcoholic concoction I will be staggering down the road while finding a nice piece of pooch to attack.  Not today though. I will be nowhere near the Lakeshore. I have retired from the Caribana Parade. I know some of you may be devastated, but don’t be. I’ll strike back. I always do. You’ll just have to wait and see.

I’ll be at the gym preparing.


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