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The Return of Odinson

New Thor Trailer dropped less than an hour ago. Definitely watching on the first night.


“SKYFALL” Teaser Trailer

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a huge James Bond fan. The 23rd installment of the 007 series will be known as “Skyfall” and shows various shots taken in England as well as Shanghai. Of course, Daniel Craig is back as James Bond, I do feel he is one of the best actors to play the main protagonist. Not much is known of the plot at this time, Bond’s loyalty to M will be tested through the film as M’s past remerges to compromise her trustworthiness. The film is expected to launch in North America on November 9th. Stay tuned for more trailers on this film.

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The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

I can’t wait for the Avengers this Friday but let’s not get carried away, there’s other epic movies to follow this summer like this one, The Dark Knight Rises. This is the third trailer for the movie. Enjoy.

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Snow White and the Huntsman Trailer

Once I hear the words “Snow White”, I start thinking of cocaine or a crappy children’s story. However, after watching this trailer… it actually got me thinking. This shit looks pretty hot. This looks like a sleeper for now, a definite “must see” for me. Check it out y’all. In theatres June 1st.

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Avengers “Head Count” Trailer

The Avengers are coming within the next five weeks and this commercial teaser yesterday, but watching the Hulk bash an Alien head made me even more stoked for this movie. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

In theatres, May 4th. That is all.

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Iron Man 2 Trailer

This movie is a definitely a “must-see” and I have been waiting for this trailer… I still think Terrence Howard would make a better War Machine though…

Vybz Kartel & Mavado Squash Their Beef

It looks Gully & Gaza can get along once more as Mavado calls Vybz Kartel on stage to perform.

Shout outs to JB for the link!!!

Carib Linx Grenadian Soca Mix 12/03/09

Hey peeps,

The team of DJ Cyrus & DJ Man-Dingolay (Carib Linx) juss pelt out a nice mix here for your listening entertainment. I strongly suggest this download!!!



C’mon Son 8