NBA 2K13 USA Trailer

I haven’t played the NBA 2K series… EVER. I stick to Madden & FIFA. This shit right here though… I’mma have to jump on this one for real. This trailer pits the Dream against the 2012 USA Men’s team. Awesome trailer, check it yourself!!!

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Notre Dame to the ACC, minus football of course

This does not come as a shocker at all. The evil school from South Bend, Indiana, the Notre Dame Fightin’ Irish is proposing a move to the ACC for all sports except football and hockey. ACC currently does not have any members who field a hockey team. Although they will remain an Independent for football, they will play five games per year versus other ACC opponents. Looks like the ACC is truly the “Beast of the East” with the Big East not saying much. Don’t even think about mentioning the Atlantic 10.

The Irish will have to wait the 27 months to exit the Big East unless they have an option to pay a higher fee and exit earlier.

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Subway Quiz

For those of you in Toronto that ride the TTC, well the subways in particular, this should be fun. This site created by Matt Blackett called The Subway Quiz will leave you guessing. I made one attempt to guess the stations, I did the 10 station quiz and correctly answered nine. I think y’all should try it and post your answer.

NFL Week 1 Recap

The first two weeks of September are among my favourites. My birthday, followed by the start of the NFL season. Along with those comes an increased heart rate, my gambling addiction, among other things.

Anyhow, on to the review.

Dallas 24, New York Giants 17

Dallas has shown a much improved secondary, of course Victor Cruz didn’t help his cause with a case of the “dropsies”, but Brandon Carr looks like a prophet as he did state “there will be no salsa dancing”. The game was not as close as the score indicated but Dallas definitely needs to improve that o-line if they are going places. The Giants secondary has problems. Their young boys got carved up, as did Corey Webster. I think his jock strap is still on the 30-yard line after Ogletree beat him with that double-move. Manning will right the ship, but the secondary needs to step up as well as the defensive pressure. Two sacks by the best defensive line in the league is not going to cut it.

Indianapolis 21, Chicago 41

Welcome to the NFL, Andrew Luck. You really didn’t think you were going to march onto Soldier Field and win did you??? Me neither. As for the Bears offense, Cutler is carrying on like his shit don’t stink. He’s already called out the Packers’ DB’s, telling them “good luck” on Thursday. I don’t know ’bout y’all motherfuckers, but you know where I’mma be at.

Philadelphia 17, Cleveland 16

Vick played like hot shit but Andy Reid did himself no favours with the horrendous play calling. You have a RB averaging 5.5 yards/carry yet you’re throwing 56 times. You’re an idiot. I’m sure Philly won’t play another stinker like that… actually, I’m not. I don’t expect it though. Cleveland… *sigh*, I’m not really fond of your city, God speed.

St. Louis 23, Detroit 27

No Madden Curse yet. We thought it was parlayed over to Stafford but he did bring the team back. Carry on.

Miami 10, Houston 30


Atlanta 40, Kansas City 24

The Chiefs fought valiantly but without your two best defenders against the Matty Ice and Julio Jones, I called this. I wish I got a chance to draft Julio in fantasy league, but I couldn’t take him over Megatron.

Jacksonville 23, Minnesota 26

Well… somebody had to win. They both still suck.

Washington 40, New Orleans 32

This game butchered my fucking Pro-Line ticket. I expected RGIII to have a good game. I didn’t expect them to hang 40 or New Orleans… at least not without the Saints dropping 50. FUCK!!! I wanna see if this clown can keep this shit up. He has folks in the DMV and elsewhere thinking SuperBowl already, sounds like a Bills fan. SMH, speaking of Bills fans…

Buffalo 28, New York Jets 48

Mark Sanchez really did save his touchdowns for the regular season. I’m claiming Stephen Hill off waivers in my fantasy league, I called this shit at the draft but couldn’t waste a pick on him when I knew he wouldn’t get chosen. Anyhow, the Jets defense is filled with bums, why is CJ Spiller averaging 12.1/carry though???

New England 34, Tennessee 13

Is anybody really surprised here??? I’m not. The only surprise is that a Patriots’ rusher cracked a bill on the ground.

Seattle 16, Arizona 20

Not surprised by the score, I’m more surprised that Kevin Kolb led the Cardinals to victory. Ain’t that a bitch.

San Francisco 30, Green Bay 22

I was impressed, no lie. They walked up in Lambeau like gangbusters and gave it to the Pack. I’d like to see them try that at Lambeau in January though. The way the season has started, they probably won’t have to anyhow.

Carolina 10, Tampa Bay 16

Last year, Carolina ran over the Bucs defense like a two-dollar whore, literally. Let’s just say this season, the Bucs defense put on a chasity belt. Ten yards rushing??? Whole fucking game??? Cam Newton, you sir are DIRT!!!

Pittsburgh 19, Denver 31

Peyton impressed me, I didn’t see this shit coming. Well I did. I think he took a year off because he was bored. Neck surgery my ass. That shit was a hoax. Is it just me, or is Polamalu an average defender now??? He just doesn’t seem to be everywhere like he used to.

Oh yeah… Ed Reed > Troy Polamalu

Hold that!!!

Cincinnati 13, Baltimore 44

A classic case of too many to not enough. I expected the Ravens to win, I didn’t expect them to throw hot coal up Andy Dalton’s ass like that though.

San Diego 22, Oakland 14

Another boring-ass AFC West confrontation. I’m so glad I went to the gym and home. If I went to the bar the only plus would be the wings.

Whether y’all agree or disagree, I couldn’t give a fuck less. I’ll be back with my thoughts on Week 2 tomorrow.

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I am a whore

I knew this would grab y’all attention. What I had meant to say is that I am a phone whore. I can’t settle with one phone. This is not a segue into anything else, I’m just saying. Every single time I find a phone I like, I find something wrong with it. Sounds all too familiar huh. Well you’re wrong LOL. I have gone through three phones in the past two months and still juggling between two. The HTC Desire HD was my flavour of the week a while back, that’s been launched to some lucky folks in Manila. Currently, I’m dabbling between the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I love the Nexus, and overall, I think it’s the better phone. However, the sexiness of the One X keeps pulling me in like a fish on a hook. Beats audio system built in, an 8-megapixel camera that works better than some of your own digital cameras. I’m in love. Except for the fact that the battery life sucks ass. I’m ready to chuck it back to the store. I don’t know what to do and don’t mention no blasted iPhone to me either. Not my cup of tea. Last thing I need is restrictions and to be walking around with a bunch of mindless bammas that have the exact same phone as me.

I think I’m going to be debating this one for a while until I get my new flavour of the week. Carry on, as you were.

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Skyfall – Official Trailer

All I can say is DAMN!!! I’ve been a big Bond fan and always will be. This one looks REAL GOOD thus far. I’m not sure how the purists will feel, knowing that Bond won’t be drinking martinis but Heinekens instead. Oh well. Enjoy the viewing.

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Gym Commandments

Those who know me personally, know I’m in the gym on a regular basis.  There are pet peeves of mine in the gym, as with my friend, Melissa.  Listed below, are a list of gym commandments for each gender.  I would like to thank Melissa for her contribution to the cause as she came up with these, I agree to most, a couple of which, I am guilty of and quite frankly, so are the rest of you that go!!!

Gym Commandments for Men:

1. Listen, we (the general gym public) know YOU think you’re of Olympic weight lifting caliber, but truth be told, we don’t give a shit… STOP BANGING THE BLOODCLOT WEIGHTS!!! Nothing screams ‘JACKASS’ more than this! SERIOUSLY!!!!! You are NOT impressing A N Y B O D Y!!!!! Stop this.

2. Keeping in line with “no-one-gives-a-shit”, stop grunting and puffing unnecessarily. If the weight’s too heavy, lighten it. Simple. Who are you trying to impress again?! Oh.Yeah, no.

3. Don’t tell women (or other men, actually) what to do. Mind your business… In fact, I’d go as far to say that the perfect form you think you have, isn’t, and therefore makes you unqualified to correct anyone else. Do your workout and allow others to do theirs… So simple.

4. Gentlemen, head to toe neoprene, spandex, luon, ANYTHING tight is a no-no. A NO-NO. I repeat, a no-no. Ewww!!!

5. I’m pretty sure there’s a ‘Man Code’ about urinals in a men’s washroom, no?! SO WHY would you think it’s okay to take the cardio machine next to me (or any person, male or female) when there are PLENTY OTHERS available?!?!?!!?! OMG!!! RESPECT PERSONAL SPACE! As things apply in the washroom, so they do too for cardio equipment… If the gym’s busy, FINE… but if it isn’t, move.

6. Dear Mr. Stalker Dude, I do not appreciate your staring. At all. Most (if not all) women do NOT appreciate your staring/glaring/gazing (insert whichever word you’d like). If you thought it would get you the girl, think again… I’d hazard a guess to say you’d straight freak her out. Stop this. Immediately.

7. Dudes. There is no need to do the “Captain Morgan” pose while your buck ass nekked in the change room.  Nobody is trying to look at your parts, get dressed and K.I.M.!!!

8. This applies to both men and women, if you’re doing cardio and talking on the phone at the same damn time, chances are you’re not working hard enough. Get the FUCK OFF!!!

9. I hope women don’t do this as well but dudes… don’t throw your jockey shorts on the ground.  Don’t fucking throw your jockey shorts on the ground and leave them there.  That is beyond disgusting!!!

10. Thou shalt not walk through the change room, barefooted.  Ever heard of a staph infection??? No you say. Research it.

11. Thou shalt not eat a meal in the change room.  Very unhygenic.  Seen some bamma eating a three-course meal in some tupperware. Not cool.

12. Thou shalt not try to strike conversation at the urinal or in the shower. Ever.

13. Thou shalt not shave his coin purse in the washroom at the gym.  Save that shit for your house.  There is no reason for your scrotum to be placed on the ledge.  Damn dirtyness!!!

Gym Commandments for Women:

1. Women, please WEAR YOUR SIZE: it’s NOT cute when your clothes are too tight and/or too small… Sooo not a good look.

2. Having your batty jaw and/or your bubbies hanging out is not cute… It might get you the attention you seek, but I’m pretty sure a) it will be short-lived and b) it won’t be positive attention. Don’t do this.

3. Again, stop with the attention seeking behaviour… No need to ‘pose-up’ and have your batty kick off, spine curl up to ‘accentuate’ your ‘assets’… A man will notice you, regardless, if he finds you attractive… Stop this. Oh, and aren’t we at the gym to work out?! Posing up is a no-no.

4. Ladies, if you want to walk, do it outside. COME OFF THE TREADMILLS and let the people who REALLY want to work out (read: RUN) get on and do their workout!!! The treadmill isn’t made for walking… Unless it’s the dead of winter and there’s NUFF snow on the ground… Otherwise, RUN or COME OFF! (cha!!)

5. While we’re on the subject of treadmills, ladies, regular bras are NOT sufficient at the gym and CERTAINLY NOT on a treadmill… Hold those puppies IN!!! If you’re wearing a regular bra, no/very little support (even if it has wiring), your girls are FLAPPIN’ in the breeze… Again, not a good look. Go buy a sports bra. Please.

6. Moaning and sighing while curling 5-10 lbs is not only dumb, it’s distracting and while you may think you look hot to the men (ummm, aren’t we at the gym to train?! why are you watching man for?! LAWD!!!), you are not at home… this is not your bedroom (or your kitchen or powder room *wink*) No moaning allowed. Ewww.

I want you bozos to soak this up and realize what you’re guilty of and KNOCK IT OFF!!!


Dirtsman of the Week… CP24

It’s well known that Canada is a country that loves hockey. However, this is some bullshit. CP24 reported that Steve Nash was traded to the Los Angeles Kings??? I have truly no reason to watch this station, they fuck up the weather on a weekly basis. Now they’re confusing basketball teams with hockey teams. Don’t they get people to proofread this shit before they post it to the country??? Dirtsman of the week goes to a whole cable television station. Congratulations to CP24, you pieces of dirt. I’m done.

CP24… do better.

This Burns My Heart…

Those who know me, know that I am a big fan of German engineering, the brand from Ingolstadt in particular, Audi. I was reading an article online, clicked on the video to my dismay to view the heartburning-horror and travesty. An Audi R8, burning on the side of the Gardiner Expressway. I don’t know how it happened. I don’t think I want to know how it happened. However, I am deeply saddened by this loss. This sexy bitch was worth $134,000. R.I.P. Audi R8. 😦

Shoutout to bigalburrows on Youtube for posting the video.

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Raptors fans make the best GM’s…

Every year, it seems the Raptors find a way to fuck up the draft. It wasn’t always like this. The Raptors did draft Stoudamire, McGrady, Carter, Bosh and Camby. But as of the last few years, they haven’t done so well. Some would argue that Colangelo is looking at European players too much. Some would argue that he’s looking at the PAC-10 too much, some would state he just has his head up his ass.

I will admit, the choice of Terrence Ross was a shocker, my cousin was about to drive over to Pearson to welcome Austin Rivers to Toronto, only to find out Ross was chosen. Now, poor Joel is on suicide watch.

The reason why I’m making mention of this post is this. Just because you don’t agree with the pick, does not mean the pick sucks. Face it, being in the East, we usually watch action from the ACC, Big East and Big 10 Conferences. Because Ross played out in Washington, does not mean he can’t ball. I know y’all bammas playing General Managers from your couch are the same ones who thought back in ’95 that the Raptors were dumb for taking Stoudamire over Ed O’Bannon. We know how that one panned out.

Shoutout to Colangelo for the Quincy Acy pick in the second round. For the record though, the Raptors still suck. I have the Raptors winning 25 this season, how much y’all think???

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