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Phone Etiquette… Again

It’s pretty difficult keeping up with people you don’t speak with often and if you’re like me.  You’ll delete a few people you don’t speak to in ages, especially if you’re not close with them.

It turns out one of the jive turkeys I deleted, decided to send me a text message the other day.  My natural response from someone who says “hello” is, “Hello. Who is this?”, the fuckhead responds with “nvm”.  Oh. Ok.

Because I ask who is it, you want to send me a “never mind” acronym??? Well fuck you then!!! Cuz I ain’t guessing.  I haven’t spoken to your ass in like a  year and you wanna roll thru like “Jack-In-the-Box”, and I’m going to be waitin’ an sheeeeit??? Nah black.  I don’t move in such ways.  I know the person can see this message, and only because I’m at work, I won’t screen capture and send the message on their bum ass.  But yeah if you don’t talk to someone often, don’t get offended when they don’t have your number anymore.  That memory space can be put to better use.

Better yet, if I ask you a question, don’t say “never mind” or “nvm”, because I will type back the first expletive that comes to mind.  You’ve been warned.

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Phone Etiquette

Well… it’s good to be back. I haven’t posted on this fucker in a while. Anyhow, let’s get to business.

  1. One thing that really grinds my gears are people that insist on calling you with their number blocked. I had a discussion in regards to this overcooked beef with someone a week ago and they had the testicular fortitude to ask me “What do I have to hide by ignoring the call???” so I responded, “Motherfucker, what the fuck you have to hide by hiding your number in the first place???” Whether or not I pay for my Caller ID feature is not up for discussion, but I have the feature for a couple of reasons, to avoid those I do not wish to speak to at any given time and to find out who called if I’m away from the phone.

    With the previous being said, if you insist on calling me with a blocked number, don’t get vex when I don’t answer my phone. It is rude to block your number.

  2. Next up, if you call from a number I do not recognize and expect me to recognize who I am speaking to??? FUCK OFF!!! That is rude. Next motherfucker to do that, I’m gonna give an outlandish name for spite just to piss you off. Charades and guessing games were played in elementary school, don’t come to me with that bucket of sauce.
  3. Third, do not call my house and ask me where I am??? That’s just plain stupid. You sound stupid. You are stupid for doing so. Yes, I have a friend who does that. Yes, I am talking about you. Glad I don’t give out my home number anymore.
  4. Do not get brave on the phone giving demands, that will get you a quick “FUCK OFF” and Bell’s National Anthem within five seconds. Special shoutout to collection agencies on that one especially. They get the GAS FACE!!! x_x
  5. Do not call my phone and sound all incriminating, and makes one feel like their phone is being monitored and will get you a quick dial tone and your number blocked. I know a crazy girl I worked with before that got fired for some bandooloo foolishness. Sorry partna, you’re sinking on the Titanic yourself!!!
  6. Do not call my phone and expect me to initiate convo, you obviously called for a reason. Say what you got to say, move the fuck on… or don’t call at all. Last girl that did that, don’t ask me where she is… but she’s far the fuck from ‘roun me!!!
  7. Last, but not least… the late night call. Let me put this on the record, there are very few people… VERY FEW, unless it is an emergency or a special occasion that should be calling my phone between the hours of 12 AM and 9 AM!!! A call from some random cyatty asking for a bedtime story, is NOT COOL. Call Mr. Rogers, I’m not having it. If it is from a dude, it is just plain wrong!!! x_x

I’m done with this segment for now. Enjoy your day folks.

P.S. If you fall into any of these categories, let me know… so I can avoid YOUR calls.

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