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The social networking definition of a “troll”, according to the dictionary of Kontroversee is someone who wants to follow you and does nothing on their end. You want to follow me but you don’t post, you don’t add input… well, at least any positive input and are just inactive. There’s nothing wrong with being inactive, but you’re if there to just “maco” in people business and not say anything, you’re a fucking troll.

I cross-examine those who attempt to add me, and have refused a few of y’all. A perfect case would be on Instagram, you want to add me, but you have no pictures up but a whole heap of followers??? FACK OFF MATE!!! Your request was declined.

I don’t need trolls on my timeline, I already have people watching my every move. Whether it’s Megatron (my boss), and some other people who will remain nameless for strategic reasons. But yeah, trolling is not cool, find someone else to maco.